Here is a fun, easy way to DIY wax seals for your Christmas cards! All you need is a glue gun, a wax seal glue stick, festive holiday stickers and a flat wax seal stamp to add a special touch to your holiday cards!

DIY Wax Seal Tutorial

Sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite holiday traditions, and it’s no secret that I’m always trying to make sure mine mantle-worthy. This year, I decided to create some fun DIY Santa and Rudolf Wax Seals with these adorable glitter rhinestone stickers!

Supplies Needed for DIY Wax Seals:

Step One:

Using the dual temp hot glue gun on the lowest setting, insert your wax seal glue sticks. I used frosted translucent vellum wax seal glue, but you really could use any color!

Step Two:

Once the wax seal glue stick is heated, apply it (use about one full squeeze’s worth of wax) to parchment paper, a stone coaster or any heatproof non-stick surface. I use a granite stone trivet. While you can apply the wax directly to the envelope, I’ve found it’s easier to create the wax seals in advance and then adhere them to your envelope.

Step Three:

Place the holiday sticker on top of the hot wax. You have some time before the wax sets, but don’t wait too long to get your sticker placed and don’t stress about a perfect placement!

Step Four:

Apply the flat wax seal stamp directly on top of the sticker and hot wax, as close to the center of the drop of wax as possible. Push down on the wax seal stamp so that you feel it “touch” the surface, and the wax surrounds the outside of the wax seal stamp. Leave the stamp for 10-15 seconds before removing it.

Step Five:

Let the wax seal set for several minutes. Once it’s set, you should be able to easily pull the wax seal up from the surface.

Step Six:

For easy application to your envelope, add a wax seal backing sticker and then apply to your envelope.

Creating your own Christmas wax seals is a fun way to customize your holiday cards! DIY wax stamps are an easy way to create your own unique Christmas cards!

If you make some, please tag The Lettery Co on Instagram @theletteryco so I can see all the magic you are creating!

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