Sure, there are websites out there where you can #scrollfordays within a collection of pre-made templates to try to find one that seems to feel the most like you. But a custom wedding stationery designer (like me!) is here to create wedding stationery that actually is you! For a bit more behind how that works, read more below…

From Concept to Delivery

When you engage with The Lettery Co as your custom wedding stationery designer, I do everything I can to learn more about you as a couple, as well as your vision for your wedding day. From there, I translate your vision into a custom wedding stationery design that is uniquely you, and that sets the stage for memories that last a lifetime!

But…I know how nice it can be to see a template and know exactly what you might be getting. So what can you expect from working with me to develop your custom wedding stationery design?

I’ll develop at least two concepts for you to review (the amount of concepts is worked into our initial consult and proposal, but is typically two concepts). Sometimes wedding stationery is designed with specialized printing techniques (digital, letterpress and/or foil), textures (handmade paper, vellum, etc.) and layers (wax seals, envelope liners, etc.) that may be hard to visualize from just the design itself. I’m also here to help translate the wedding stationery design into a way you can truly picture the stationery suite and how it will bring a “wow” factor to everyone on your invite list!

Here is an example of a concept board side-by-side with a finished stationery design (photo by Bree Wolliscroft). My goal is to deliver as much as I can about the concept so that you get a true and authentic feel for what the finished product will look like!


vintage french wedding stationery vision board wedding stationery invitation suite for a vintage french wedding


In this case, we used a lot of really awesome techniques to make this wedding invitation suite, including handmade paper for the invites and envelope liners, wax seals, a vellum envelope and luxe-textured paper for the details cards and envelopes. No matter how we approach your design, the digital mock-up is one of the ways we conceptualize the final product so that our clients can review to ensure it matches their vision.

I think we #nailed on on translation of this concept from the vision board to end product! f you’re looking for a custom wedding stationery designer who will match your wedding day vision, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation!

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