After sitting on the sidelines for YEARS (even I was a bit shocked to see I had created my Minted designer account in 2014!), I finally submitted three designs to a Minted challenge, both as part of their holiday design challenges! Below, I’m sharing some behind-the-scenes insight into my designs, and how you can support me (and other talented creatives).

If you’re ready to skip straight to the voting part, you can head directly to each of my designs to vote at the links below (please note, you’ll need to create a Minted account…it’s worth it, I promise!). Voting is open through June 26 at 10am PST.

Design 1: A Well-Read Year
Design 2: We made it!
Design 3: Could’ve been an email


First, let’s start with a bit of background on Minted challenges. Did you know all of the designs sold on Minted have been created by a diverse set of creatives from around the world? The designs you can shop have all originated from frequent design challenges with specific themes and goals. Two recent challenges for the 2019 holiday season were for non-photo holiday cards (meaning designs that can be customized, but do not include a photo), and for corporate holiday cards.

Once all of the (hundreds, if not thousands) of submissions are in, Minted asks the community of designers and customers to vote for their favorites. Challenge winners rise to the top from those votes, as do designs selected by an editorial board curated by Minted. The winning designs are eventually sold on the Minted website, with the designer receiving a win bonus and percentage of sales moving forward.

I am so proud of my three designs that I submitted, and equally as proud of myself for getting in the game! The challenge offered a great opportunity to get a head start on my own holiday collection. It also challenged me to appeal to the Minted customer base and present some “outside of the box” ideas that I have not seen on the site. As always, my goal was to create beautiful, bold and fun stationery to help foster connections between friends, families and co-workers.


I hear so often from potential clients that they don’t have a “good” family photo and thus, they don’t send out a customized holiday card! I also receive many requests from clients who want to share fun details about their year. Both of these insights inspired “A Well-Read Year” which allows you to customize your card with your five favorite reads. Perfect for book-lovers, this design is a unique, personal and informative way to send a custom holiday greeting!



Let’s face it…with 365 days in a year, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. I know many families may not want to put forward a strictly “life is perfect” vibe during holiday card season. An updated look to one of my best-selling holiday card designs, this card celebrates the ups, downs and in-betweens that make each of our years and families unique, and this card helps honor that while connecting you to what matters most – the people we share our lives with.



Both a riff on the oft-felt sentiment of “just sat through another meeting that could have been an email”, and a celebration of non-digital holiday cards, this unique design will put a smile on the faces of your colleagues and hopefully inspire the courage to send snail mail this holiday season!


Thank you so much for your support! And I encourage you to stick around the site and vote on more of your favorites. I’m looking forward to creating and sharing more holiday designs to make our Holiday 2019 season the BEST EVER!

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